The first step to an adventure


You are one step closer to an adventure, just by applied to this exchange. In week 17, 23th – 28 april our german guests will visit us and two weeks later, 7th-12th may, we visit our friends and the beautiful Eckernförde.

Student Exhange – manual:
In pairs – one swedish student and one german student exhange home, culture, school, spare-time acitivites and friends – on week in each country.

Let´s start!

1. Grab an application that your parents will sign and give it to me – 18/1 last day
2. Write an presentation about yourself so we can match you with a german student.

  • Name, grade, family
  • Interest – present at least three different things you like to do in your sparetime and why you do it
  • Other things good for your partner to know; pets, dreams and goals, favouritefood, movies, music and so on…
  • The more you write the better it is
  • Why you are taking part in the exchange

See you!



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